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Hello and Welcome to Born Chiropractic

Hi, I’m Oliver and I’m a chiropractor, my job is concerned with the direct relationship between our spines and our health. In a sense, you could say I’m like a ‘body detective’: I’m able to read the subtleties and intricacies of the body, see the patterns of dysfunction and then effectively pinpoint corrective strategies which move the whole body towards optimal health.

Over the last 11 years of full-time practice, I’ve helped thousands of patients significantly improve their health and therefore, their lives.

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‘‘My daughter and I have been regular patients of Dr Dawson for a number of years and have always found him to be a wonderful doctor of Chiropractic. He is gentle, kind and his manipulations done with the utmost care.

He has helped us greatly over the last few years, myself with my next and shoulder issues and my daughter (now age 12) with various issues arising form the love of horse riding (and falling off!) and dancing, not to mention assisting with her recovery from bacterial meningitis age 10. He was in fact one of the first people to call me when she was diagnosed and one of our first ports of call following her release from hospital and I will always remember his kindness at what was a very difficult time for us all.

I personally see him for maintenance visits every three weeks or so and have had no reoccurrence of the original problem. Sarah sees him every six weeks, again for maintenance and to keep everything on the right track.

I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Dr Dawson, we wish him luck with his travels and we will miss him tremendously.’’ 

Julia and Sarah Mackay

‘‘Dr. Oliver Dawson has treated me for quite some time now.

Back in 2007 I dislocated my shoulder quite badly, it went back in but never been the same since. I had extreme difficultly swimming, especially back stroke. After I had gone to see Dr Dawon about 4 sessions my arm was back to normal, actually it now stronger then the other uninjured arm.

I had quite a lot of unresolved emotional issues about my sister, which I also went to see Dr Dawson and I now have a more positive outlook on things.

He also explained to me mental and emotional issues can effect the physical health blocking the energy flows within the body.

Dr Dawson has also taught me quite a lot about healing myself, I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

I can’t believe how better I feel since I started receiving treatment.’’ 

Fae – Age 13

“As Dr Oliver Dawson takes the next steps on his own personal journey of fulfilment, I am grateful to be able to write a few words which I hope will inspire others to benefit from his unique approach to healing.

‘Ollie’ Is a true pioneer in the field of 21st Century Vibrational medicine combining expertise in Chiropractic Adjustments to correct physical problems along with kinesiology to detect and adjust energy flows an blockages caused by emotional and mental blocks to our wellbeing, and the ability to help us heal ourselves.

He has compassion without attachment, truth, clarity an wisdom without judgement, gentleness combined with strength and a genuine desire to help other and guide them to help themselves from the inside to to outside. With Ollies help, despite severe degeneration of five vertebral discs, I have been able to improve my mobility, reduce my pain level and achieve a better quality and the knowledge that healing has began to happen. I am more focussed on the positive, more able to see pain as a messenger o f health and better able to listen to those messages and act on them.

Dr Dawson has helped me and friends and family that I have recommended him to, tremendously.

I cannot thank him enough in words, my gratitude is from the heart.”

Yours sincerely,

Deboarah Clarke, Fae’s Mother.

‘‘My baby daughter and I have been patients of Ollie’s for 6 months. In my opinion, his talents go beyond chiropractic fundamentals.

I always leave feeling very relaxed and de-stressed. A few hours later, my energy levels have increased and I have an extraordinary sense of vitality, not to mention the relief of back and shoulder pain. I have to adjust my car rear view mirror every time I leave (I must be sitting up straighter).

My daughter always sleeps well after her treatment and her movement is much improved (we began taking her as she only turned her head one way).

Ollie is professional and has a great manner with patients of any age, I’d sincerely recommend him with confidence to anyone.’’ 

Lorraine and Baby Zoe