Full new patient consultation

Full new patient consultation


The new patient consultation consists of 3 parts:

1) History taking: Here is where we discuss your motivations for coming. Any relevant information to your spinal health and general health history is taken. It is an opportunity to find out what your ultimate goals are regards health and chiropractic and a chance for me as your chiropractor to help you understand the ways in which i can help you through chiropractic.

2) Physical assessment: This is where I asses your physical state through observing and assessing the body. The  assessment includes:

  • Chiropractic evaluation for nerve interference ‘subluxation’.
  • 3-Dimensional spinal structural analysis.
  • Spinal range of motion assessment
  • Applied kinesiology full body muscle testing, here i test several muscling in the arms and legs to identify areas of nerve interference.
  • Case specific orthopaedic tests if applicable, these tests can be helpful in identify which tissues may be dysfunctional. An example of this may be a testing to assess the stability of joint identifying a sprain injury.
  • Case specific neurological testing
  • Balance testing, our ability to balance can tell a lot about the nervous system and the spinal functioning.

3) Initial report of findings: This is where I tell you what I picked up and explain how I can help and what options are available to you for improving your functional state. It is also a good time to ask questions.

4) The first chiropractic adjustment: The vast majority of cases I am able to start the process of adjusting  on the first visit. There may be rare occasions where care can not be started straight away if for example further medical testing is required.