“I had been living with a chronic disease and chronic fatigue, but since being introduced to Oliver and having had regular adjustments, I have much more energy and feel that my body is finally restoring to it’s natural healing process.

I will be forever grateful for this healing and meeting such a wonderful human being.’’ 

Anita Taylor – Aberdeen, Scotland.

“I have been going to see Olly for around 3 months at his chiropractic clinic in Aberdeen. I was sceptical before going but I’m so glad I eventually walked through the door. Overall I feel a million times better than when I started seeing Olly.

My well-being and energy has improved greatly, as has the initial issue with my back. Olly is excellent, he has a caring nature and is extremely professional. He knows and believes in his practice and explained the long term benefits well. I would highly recommend Olly to anyone considering going to a chiropractor. Good luck in you new venture, I’m sure you will be very successful in Barcelona.”

Fiona Eite

“Olly’s enthusiasm for chiropractic is only outmatched by his considerable skill and dedication. I have enjoyed significant tangible results after only a few sessions.’’ 

Ken MacDonald

This records my satisfaction with treatment by Dr Oliver Dawson MSc DC.

“I am aged 86 years. From an early age I have suffered from pain in left upper leg and buttock area. Chiropractic treatment from time to time (increasingly often as the years advance) has relieved the condition although it was always present to some degree.

In 2012 the condition became more or less continuously crippling and neither massage or Chiropractic had any great or lasting effect. Towards the end of that year I sought treatment from Dr Dawson. Almost immediately following his ministrations the pains disappeared apart from the occasional minor twinge and things have remained so to date (march 2014).

In addition to the welcome relief from pain I have noted, over the past year, a marked improvement in my general health and have felt more active and capable than for some time.’’

John McKenzie – Age 86

“I have been so lucky to find Ollie Dawson, and received treatments and adjustments from him for the last 18 months. Ollie is by far the best chiropractor I have seen and his skills, holistic approach and professional manner is second to none!

After years of dealing with back and spinal pain , I never thought that I would find relief, let alone healing. One of the most important parts of the healing process is truly understanding how and why the things are occurring the way they do. Ollie makes sure that you understand the entire process,he takes time to help you discover what the long term cause of your pain is, instead of simply treating the symptoms. I can honestly say since visiting Ollie, I have felt better than I have in years! I really can’t recommend him highly enough… Thank you Ollie!” 

Sharon Ball

Rod, Ellen and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for all your care, kindness and professional attention over the last few years.  It is always a pleasure to see you as you are so warm hearted, compassionate and understanding and seem to have endless patience with us all!

On a personal note, I came to you with various ailments and feeling generally ill all the time. Actually, I felt like a complete wreck. At first I was so nervous and anxious about being adjusted – but very soon you won my total trust and your chiropractic skills, dedication and knowledge have made such a huge difference to my life.  I am now a different person – I feel so much healthier and stronger! I always feel you listen and give good, sound, considered advice with such a lovely, pleasant manner. Your assurance, support and encouragement have enabled me to regain responsibility for my own health. I will be forever grateful to you and appreciate all you have done for me by improving my wellbeing and quality of life.

Although we are so upset that you are leaving us and we will miss you enormously, we sincerely wish you every happiness in the future and hope you settle quickly into your new life – living and working in the fabulously exciting city of Barcelona! Your new patients are, indeed, very, very lucky to have you as their Chiropractor and we cannot recommend you highly enough! Take care, good luck and a huge, appreciative “Thank You” from us all.

Best wishes,


‘‘I write to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Oliver Dawson who after a series of Chiropractic sessions has enabled me to be significantly more supple with considerably less back pain.

I had had serious back pain for many years resulting in an operation 2003, after which I recovered some mobility but was left with continual pain in my lower back. Since attending Oliver Dawson in his clinic I have experience less pain and therefore a better quality of life.

For this reason I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Dawson.’’ 

Peter Redhead

‘‘Having seen Oliver at his practice I can highly recommend him. Even after one session I found a huge difference in the flexibility of my neck, and also found a difference in my digestion.

Because of this I have referred a few of my own clients to Oliver because their conditions required expertise outwit my own professional knowledge.

I would have no hesitation recommending Oliver as he always has the patient’s health as his top priority.’

Irene McRae  – Complimentary therapist

‘‘Having Olly as my Chiropractot has been very beneficial, Id had a long period without receiving any treatment so there was a bit of ground to be made up Olly worked with me to make swift, but meaningful progress with my wellbeing.

The process was not at all prescriptive, he always talked me through what was happening with my body, what the option were for moving forward with my treatment, and I was always part of the decision making process as to ho wbest proceed.

An excellent sympathetic Chiropractor.’’ 

Chris Jameson

‘‘My daughter and I have been regular patients of Dr Dawson for a number of years and have always found him to be a wonderful doctor of Chiropractic. He is gentle, kind and his manipulations done with the utmost care.

He has helped us greatly over the last few years, myself with my next and shoulder issues and my daughter (now age 12) with various issues arising form the love of horse riding (and falling off!) and dancing, not to mention assisting with her recovery from bacterial meningitis age 10. He was in fact one of the first people to call me when she was diagnosed and one of our first ports of call following her release from hospital and I will always remember his kindness at what was a very difficult time for us all.

I personally see him for maintenance visits every three weeks or so and have had no reoccurrence of the original problem. Sarah sees him every six weeks, again for maintenance and to keep everything on the right track.

I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Dr Dawson, we wish him luck with his travels and we will miss him tremendously.’’ 

Julia and Sarah Mackay

‘‘Dr. Oliver Dawson has treated me for quite some time now.

Back in 2007 I dislocated my shoulder quite badly, it went back in but never been the same since. I had extreme difficultly swimming, especially back stroke. After I had gone to see Dr Dawon about 4 sessions my arm was back to normal, actually it now stronger then the other uninjured arm.

I had quite a lot of unresolved emotional issues about my sister, which I also went to see Dr Dawson and I now have a more positive outlook on things.

He also explained to me mental and emotional issues can effect the physical health blocking the energy flows within the body.

Dr Dawson has also taught me quite a lot about healing myself, I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

I can’t believe how better I feel since I started receiving treatment.’’ 

Fae – Age 13

As Dr Oliver Dawson takes the next steps on his own personal journey of fulfilment, I am grateful to be able to write a few words which I hope will inspire others to benefit from his unique approach to healing.

‘Ollie’ Is a true pioneer in the field of 21st Century Vibrational medicine combining expertise in Chiropractic Adjustments to correct physical problems along with kinesiology to detect and adjust energy flows an blockages caused by emotional and mental blocks to our wellbeing, and the ability to help us heal ourselves.

He has compassion without attachment, truth, clarity an wisdom without judgement, gentleness combined with strength and a genuine desire to help other and guide them to help themselves from the inside to to outside. With Ollies help, despite severe degeneration of five vertebral discs, I have been able to improve my mobility, reduce my pain level and achieve a better quality and the knowledge that healing has began to happen. I am more focussed on the positive, more able to see pain as a messenger o f health and better able to listen to those messages and act on them.

Dr Dawson has helped me and friends and family that I have recommended him to, tremendously.

I cannot thank him enough in words, my gratitude is from the heart.

Yours sincerely,

Deboarah Clarke, Fae’s Mother.

‘‘My baby daughter and I have been patients of Ollie’s for 6 months. In my opinion, his talents go beyond chiropractic fundamentals.

I always leave feeling very relaxed and de-stressed. A few hours later, my energy levels have increased and I have an extraordinary sense of vitality, not to mention the relief of back and shoulder pain. I have to adjust my car rear view mirror every time I leave (I must be sitting up straighter).

My daughter always sleeps well after her treatment and her movement is much improved (we began taking her as she only turned her head one way).

Ollie is professional and has a great manner with patients of any age, I’d sincerely recommend him with confidence to anyone.’’ 

Lorraine and Baby Zoe

“Many thanks for your brilliant help over the last 13 months. Whereas previous practitioners suggested that I could only ‘manage’ my back pain, you have helped me make huge progress and improve the quality of my life. I rated my back health at 4/10 when I first came to see you and it’s now 8/10 – heading for 9/10!

Thank-you so much for your skill, patience, holistic approach and humour. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending both yourself and Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic”


‘‘I’m so happy and smiling again.

Since attending your clinic to receive Chiropractic care and sports massage, I am delighted that my neck has full flexibility to be able to look with ease. Greatly helped with reversing the car. My knee injury has also been helped and now I am able to go to the gym and do dance classes.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Oliver Dawson to others.

Since being treated by Oliver my back and neck are so much more comfortable and I am more mobile. I work at a desk and do a lot of exercise. I used to suffer with neck pain in silence. I’m glad I decided to get checked out. Its made a massive difference to my life.’’ 

Elaine Main

‘‘Dr Dawson has provided an excellent standard of care throughout the entire period I have attended his clinic. He is forward thinking in his approach to care and adapts practices to the needs of clients. He is very well versed in current practices in his field and travels far afield to attend conferences. As someone with particular concerns and the need to attend regularly his attention to care, and support has provided me with a better quality of life.

I have been so impressed with his generosity of time in giving to the vulnerable people in different countries, where he has given his time freely to treat and provide comfort to those who have nothing.

He will be sorely missed and very hard to replace.

I wish him well in his new venture, he will be a great success.’’ 

Maureen Gray

‘‘Myself ,my wife and our new born daughter have all been treated by Olly.

Olly was also great help to my wife when she was pregnant, especially in the later stages when she had some aches and pains.

I would have no hesitation recommending Olly to anyone and already do so on a regular basis.’’

Neil henderson