Tonal Chiropractic


Tonal Chiropractic is a very gentle, yet powerful approach to the chiropractic adjustment. It uses subtle, yet precise touches, primarily along the spine. These very specific touches create greater awareness throughout the nervous system. Due to the gentle nature of this work it’s incredibly effective in paediatric care including young babies, animals love it too!

Tonal adjustments begin to recalibrate – or in other words, re-educate –  both muscle and connective tissue tone. The result is that the spine begins to intuitively reorganise movement patterns. This reorganisation can often be felt by the patient whilst lying on the chiropractic table, with the body relaxing and softening into a more peaceful space.

Through this process of recalibration, greater levels of organisation are programmed into the nervous system. As a result, it becomes more sophisticated, efficient – and therefore works better. In the same way that when a guitar is properly tuned the sounds are more harmonic, when the body is more finely-tuned, it expresses itself with more vitality, granting the individual greater clarity and peace of mind.